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AAC Business Meeting

Location: Virtual Zoom (look for the Zoom link in the AAA Communities Section on Friday, November 12th) Time: 1:00-2:00 pm, Pacific/4:00-5:00 Eastern Join us for an informal, Happy Hour style business meeting. Topics will include: Year-in-Review Truth and Responsibility within the context of our section interests Board Recruitment – we need your perspectives and participation! […]

Distinguished Lecture: Sacred Wisdom: The Path to Hope, Balance, and Resilience Dr. Tommy K. Begay

The Association for the Anthropology of Consciousness invite you to attend our Distinguished Lecturer Event. Many thanks to the Association for Indigenous Anthropologists and The Society for Psychological Anthropology for co-sponsoring this event. As a result of the impact of historical trauma and other cultural- historical forces, Indigenous people of North America are more susceptible to a constellation of psychosocial, behavioral, and physiological risk factors that have contributed, in contemporary times, to a higher rate of morbidity across psychological, cardiometabolic, and functional domains. Prior to these traumatic episodes, Indigenous people were guided by a worldview grounded in a sacred epistemology of ritual and spiritual practices that defined inner identity with a Sacred Wisdom that provided a sense of wholeness, balance, harmony, hope, positive health, and healing.

Distinguished Lecture: Sacred Geography

This presentation celebrates a myriad of cultures that through ritual practice infuse life with a sense of the sacred, even as they honour reciprocal obligations that define their relationship to the natural world.

The Association for the Anthropology of Consciousness 40th Annual Conference

The Chrysalis Inn & Spa in Bellingham, WA 804 10th St, Bellingham,, WA, United States

The Program Committee for the Association for the Anthropology of Consciousness invites members and their collaborators to investigate how we engage with communities concerning death, dying, and transformation. We chose this theme to reflect upon the individual and collective experiences with death (in all its forms) and the experience of transformation. The theme of Death and Transformation points to the context and social climate in which we currently live: many of us – if not all of us – are seeing many of our lifeways and habits dissolve and metamorphosizing into forms that are unexpected, unanticipated, and difficult to ascertain. As anthropologists and consciousness researchers, we understand that we need to provide containers for each other so that we may be of support to each other during such a collective liminal time. Therefore, we invite presenters to reflect and engage with subjects related to death, dying, near-death experiences, death-care, ancestral healing, transformation, and ecological collapse. We consider this conference an opportunity to build networks for collective engagement, restorative practices, healing, and reconciliation.

Psychedelic Renaissance? What’s the Buzz? with Lisa Gezon

Zoom , United States

Join Professor Lisa Gezon (University of Alabama, Birmingham) on a conversation about shifting conversations about psychedelics and their uses in contemporary contexts for self-actualization, mental health therapy, and other forms of ritual and healing. How do experiences vary based on demographics and geography? Are experiences of traditionally marginalized populations different in any noteworthy ways? What […]