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AC 2021 Section Meeting: Sea Change: Consciousness, Lifeworlds & Ecological Upheaval

Sea Change: Lifeworlds & Ecological Upheaval Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness 39TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE March 12th - 14th, 2021 (Online) “How do people imagine the landscapes they find themselves in? How does the land shape the imagination of the people who dwell in it? How does desire itself, the desire to comprehend, shape knowledge?” --Barry Lopez, Arctic […]

Free – $40

AOC 2021 Conference Program

“How do people imagine the landscapes they find themselves in? How does the land shape the imagination of the people who dwell in it? How does desire itself, the desire to comprehend, shape knowledge?”

—Barry Lopez, Arctic Dreams


Violence, Trauma And The Making Of Racial Identity – Dr. Sheldon George

This talk will work through Lacanian psychoanalytic notions of subjectivity to ground an understanding of African American identity as mediated by social trauma. It will address, in particular, the 2012 Florida shooting of 17-year-old Jordan Davis by Michael Dunn, a white male whose excessive response to the loud rap music played by Davis and his friends demonstrates a Lacanian understanding of jouissance, or the other’s mode of enjoyment, as a root-source of notions of racial alterity. Moving through a series of Lacanian concepts relevant to race and racism (from hainamoration, to aggressivity, invidia and Atè), the talk will discuss how this jouissance, bound to fantasies of race, often structures both racism and racial identity around acts of violence and trauma, inducing African Americans to embrace willfully the very racial identities against which this violence is directed.

$30 – $65

The Mythology and Depth Psychology of Octavia Butler – Dr. Ayana Jamieson

Zoom , United States

The tone of collective discourse has rapidly degenerated, damaging the forms and rituals that give coherence to our lives, cultures and professional disciplines contributing to a sense of communal and global unrest. In this intimate Saturday morning seminar, our desire is to nourish a spirit of reflection rather than repeating the sounds of panic and […]

AAC Business Meeting

Location: Virtual Zoom (look for the Zoom link in the AAA Communities Section on Friday, November 12th) Time: 1:00-2:00 pm, Pacific/4:00-5:00 Eastern Join us for an informal, Happy Hour style […]

Distinguished Lecture: Sacred Wisdom: The Path to Hope, Balance, and Resilience Dr. Tommy K. Begay

The Association for the Anthropology of Consciousness invite you to attend our Distinguished Lecturer Event. Many thanks to the Association for Indigenous Anthropologists and The Society for Psychological Anthropology for co-sponsoring this event. As a result of the impact of historical trauma and other cultural- historical forces, Indigenous people of North America are more susceptible to a constellation of psychosocial, behavioral, and physiological risk factors that have contributed, in contemporary times, to a higher rate of morbidity across psychological, cardiometabolic, and functional domains. Prior to these traumatic episodes, Indigenous people were guided by a worldview grounded in a sacred epistemology of ritual and spiritual practices that defined inner identity with a Sacred Wisdom that provided a sense of wholeness, balance, harmony, hope, positive health, and healing.