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The Association for the Anthropology of Consciousness 40th Annual Conference

The Chrysalis Inn & Spa in Bellingham, WA 804 10th St, Bellingham,, WA, United States

The Program Committee for the Association for the Anthropology of Consciousness invites members and their collaborators to investigate how we engage with communities concerning death, dying, and transformation. We chose this theme to reflect upon the individual and collective experiences with death (in all its forms) and the experience of transformation. The theme of Death and Transformation points to the context and social climate in which we currently live: many of us – if not all of us – are seeing many of our lifeways and habits dissolve and metamorphosizing into forms that are unexpected, unanticipated, and difficult to ascertain. As anthropologists and consciousness researchers, we understand that we need to provide containers for each other so that we may be of support to each other during such a collective liminal time. Therefore, we invite presenters to reflect and engage with subjects related to death, dying, near-death experiences, death-care, ancestral healing, transformation, and ecological collapse. We consider this conference an opportunity to build networks for collective engagement, restorative practices, healing, and reconciliation.