Greetings from the Editors of the AoC

New AoC Editors: Nicole Torres and Gary Moore

We are honored to accept the role of co-editors of the Anthropology of Consciousness. As the new editors of the journal, our main objectives will be to continue the tradition of the previous editors and to expand its relevance and influence within anthropology and in other areas of complementary transdisciplinary research and interests. We appreciate that the journal has a wide-ranging audience that is interested in its traditional areas of research, such as shamanism, psychoactive substances, and indigenous traditions, as well as more recent areas of interest that include neuroscience, therapeutic interventions, and the phenomenology of sleep disorder. At the same time, there are areas of research that we believe are deeply relevant to consciousness studies, and we would like to broaden the scope of the journal to include these areas of anthropological inquiry.

Our aim is to continue to select articles that are empirically rich and appeal to a transdisciplinary audience. We especially welcome manuscripts that address such issues as shamanism, entheogenic substances, religious and spiritual traditions, indigenous ways of knowing, and issues pertaining to health and healing (including Western mental health practices). We wish, during our tenure as editors, to continue the journal’s tradition of excellence in the field of consciousness studies through anthropological understanding and ethnography, especially from a multiplicity of perspectives, both inside and outside of the academy.

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