SAC Events at the AAAs 2014


12:00 PM –1:45 PM Psychedelic & Ethnogenic Consciousness in Today’s World: Producing Anthropological Understanding

8:00 PM –9:45 Producing Health: The Intersections of Work and Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Pursuit of Meaning, Knowing, and Well-Being



9:00 AM –10:45 AM  Knowing the Unknowing

11:00 AM –12:45 PM Anthropology of the Heart: Activism and the Production of Anthropological Knowledge



9:00 AM –10:45 AM “Don’t Vex Then Pray:” Honoring Carole Yawney’s Contributions to Rastafari Studies

11:00 AM –12:45 AM Producing Health

8:30 PM –10:30 PM Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness (SAC) Business Meeting: Distinguished Lecture John Baker