About the Anthropology of Consciousness

Our Interests

States of Consciousness and Consciousness Studies
Dreams, possession, trance, dissociation, theories of mind and cognition, epistemology, methodology, evolution of consciousness, biosocial approaches, psychophysiology, psychotherapy, cultural psychology.
Shamanic, Religious, and Spiritual Traditions
Ethnographic studies of shamanism; modern and core shamanism; Eastern, Western, and indigenous religions; healing practices; ritual; mediumistic, mystical, and transpersonal experiences; magic and witchcraft; music and dance.
Psychoactive Substances
Studies of psychoactive plant use in traditional and contemporary settings, ethnopharmacology, psychopharmacology, healing, addiction and recovery.
Philosophical, Symbolic, and Linguistic Studies
Myth, oral traditions, language, archetypes, body and mind, comparative studies, visual anthropology.
Anomalous Experience
Psychic phenomenon, reincarnation, near-death experiences, mediumistic communication, divination.